The Yamashita Group@NU
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Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
access to Higashiyama campus, campus map
#1 Building, room 1029 (10th floor, entrance is the 2nd floor)

(Miwa MFG.)

(ALS technology, Korea KIYON)

solvent purification system

gas chromatograph GC-2014 (Shimadzu)
w. autosampler and sample holder

gas chromatograph GC-2014 (Shimadzu)
w. autosampler and gas analysing unit

Electrochemical analyzer 600D

HPLC w.GPC column
(GL Science)

UV/vis/NIR spectrophotometer UV-3600

automated melting point apparatus
Optimelt (SRS) & desiccator

double manihold vac. and Ar line

nujor bubbler w. floating glass valve

w. stone table

refrigerator and oven for glassware

ChemiStation (EYELA)

oven for glovebox (250℃)

rotavap 1

rotavap 2

rotavap 3

Karl Fischer titrator

Automated Flash Chromatography Al-580

Spin coater (MS-A100, Mikasa)

Solar Simulator (PEC-01, peccell tech.)

Source Meter as I-V Analyzer (Keithley)

Spectrofluorometer forOLED (Ocean Optics)


Infrared spectrophotometer
Shimadzu IRAffinity+ATR

Thermo-mighty stirrer HHE-19G-US
Koike precision instruments

Recycling GPC (40mm I.D. column)
Shimadzu + JAI

Recycling GPC (20mm I.D. column)
Shimadzu + JAI

400 MHz NMR (ECS-400)

(ALS technology, Korea KIYON)

compact IR spectrometer (Cary 630)
Agilent Technologies

(ALS technology, Korea KIYON)

Single-crystal X-ray diffractometer
(Rigaku, XtaLAB Synergy-MoNG01)

High-pressure flow reactor with fixed bed catalyst
(HEMMI Slide Rule Co.,Ltd.)

We also use NMR facilities and X-ray diffractometer for crystallography as departmental instruments.