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Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
access to Higashiyama campus, campus map
#1 Building, room 1029 (10th floor, entrance is the 2nd floor)

Our mission:
Through deep understanding the hidden properties of each element, we will contribute to chemistry of the materials and catalysis science!

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Contents for research were updated.
We had a CREST project meeting with Prof. Wataru Ueda (Kanagawa U), Yamaguchi group (U Tokyo), and Sugahara group (Osaka U) on-line.
The graduation celemony was held. Four undergrad students and four master students got their academic degree. "Photo" was updated.
Sugano, Tokuhiro, Takegasa, Yamanashi, and Kurumada presented their research at the 101st annual meeting of CSJ.
We attended a lecture of Prof. Matthias Wagner (U of Frankhurt, Germany) (virtual visit, held by GTR program, host: Prof. Yamaguchi at school of Science). Dr. Nakano also attended a personal discussion with Prof. Wagner.
Four new undergrad students (Uno, Tanaka, Fujita, Funasoko) joined the group. They will start their graduation research from coming April.
Four undergrad students (Kaneiwa, Sugano, Tokuhiro, Yamashita) finished their graduation defences.
Four M2 students (Asaka, Okamura, Kobayashi, Suzuki) presented their research at the final defence for master's degree.
Kurumada (D2) and Yamanashi (M1) presented their research at the annual meeting for "Graduate Program of Transformative Chem-Bio Research".
Some group members enjoyed drinking together.
Prof. Yamashita gave a talk in the mid-term evaluation for CREST project.
We had a CREST project meeting with Yamaguchi group (U Tokyo) and Sugahara group (Osaka U) at the University of Tokyo.
Kurumada (D2) and Taniguchi (D1) presented their research at the 47th Symposium on Main Group Element Chemistry.
Kurumada (2nd year Ph.D. student) won the poster award in the 10th CSJ Chemistry Festa. "Awards" was updated.
Kobayashi (2nd year master student) and Suzuki (2nd year master student) presented their research on the Inaugural Online Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry for Young Chemists.
An article by Suzuki (2nd year master student) in collaboration with Prof. Zhenyang Lin and Ms. Xueying Guo was accepted to Chem. Sci. for publication. "Publications" was updated.
Dr. FENG Genfeng joined the group as a JSPS research fellow. "Members" was updated.
A communication by Kisu (3rd year Ph.D. student) was accepted to Chem. Lett. for publication. "Publications" was updated.
Prof. Yamashita, Kurumada (D2), Asaka (M2), Okamura (M2), and Yamanashi (M1) presented their research in the 10th CSJ Chemistry Festa.

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