The Yamashita Group@NU
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Furo-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8603, Japan
Department of Molecular and Macromolecular Chemistry,
Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University
access to Higashiyama campus, campus map
#1 Building, room 1029 (10th floor, entrance is the 2nd floor)

Our mission:
Through deep understanding the hidden properties of each element, we will contribute to chemistry of the materials and catalysis science!

Mr. Onuma (class of 2012) visited our lab.
Five grad students (Nakamura, Katsuma, Kobayashi, Ishikawa, Kaiya) presented their research at the 28th Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry. Kobayashi got a poster award. "Awards" and "Photo" were updated.
Dr. Julien MASSUE (ICPEES, U. of Strasbourg, France) joined the group with support of JSPS. We had an welcome party for Dr. MASSUE. "Photo" was updated.
Dr. Asami (class of 2011) visited our lab.
We had a celebration party for undergrad students on their success for the entrance exam of grad school.
Akiyama (D1), Sugita (D1), Ohashi (M1), Komori (M1), Kurumada (M1), and prof. Yamashita attended Wakate-no-kai for organometallic chemistry. Mr. Yasushi Jack Kawai (class of 2012) visited our lab.
Dr. Kwan went back to Hong Kong to be an instructor at HKUST. Good luck for his future carrier in chemistry.
Akiyama (D1), Ishikawa (M1), Kaiya (M1), and Yagi (M1) attended Wakate-no-kai for structural organic chemistry.
Prof. Georgii Nikonov (Brock U, Canada) visited our lab. and gave a lecture. Some members could also have a time for discussion about their chemistry with Prof. Nikonov. "Photo" was updated.
We had a farewell party for Dr. Kwan because he will go back to Hong Kong. "Photo" was updated.
Ms. Yamazaki (class of 2014) and Ms. Yoshida (former administrative assistant) visited our lab.
Katsuma (M2), Kobayashi (M2), and Prof. Yamashita presented our research in the 16th International Meeting on Boron Chemistry (IMEBoron-16). "Photo" was updated.
Katsuma (M2), Kobayashi (M2), and Nakayama (M2) presented thier research in the 6th JACI/GSC symposium. "Photo" was updated.
Mr. Hayato Ogawa, one of the first students of the group@Chuo U, visited our lab.
We had a party to encourage the undergrad students who are going to take entrance exam of grad school. "Photo" was updated.
Katsuma (M2), Kobayashi (M2), Nakamura (D3), and Prof. Yamashita presented our research in the 12th International Conference on Heteroatom Chemistry (ICHAC-12). "Photo" was updated.
In spite of our tireless effort toward softball championship in our department, we lost a close game vs. Okazaki group. "Photo" was updated.
Prof. Eric Rivard (U of Alberta, Canada) visited our lab. and gave a lecture. Some members could also have a time for discussion about their chemistry with Prof. Rivard.
Mr. Asanuma and Mr. Kisu visited our lab. All the former students are always welcome to visit us. Next is your turn!
An administrative assistant of the group, Ms. Takeyasu, joined to the group. Members and top-page picture were updated.Prof. Takahiro Sasamori@Nagoya city university visited our lab.
Research projects for new members were decided.
We started "practice for experiments" for new members. This is also "the first experiments" after the lab moved to Nagoya U. "Photo" was updated.
We enjoyed welcome party for new members. "Photo" was updated.
Five undergrad students joined the group. "Members" was updated.
New fiscal year started. Dr. Suzuki (assistant professor), Dr. Kwan (postdoc), four visiting grad students joined from Chuo University. Two Ph.D. students (from Chuo University) and six master students (four from Chuo University and two from Nagoya University) also joined the group. "Members" was updated.

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